Office: 817-441-6568

We are a privately held, family owned propane procurement company that represents over 300 propane dealers and wholesale customers both nationally and internationally.  We have been in business since 1997.  We start each day with the intent of providing our customers with the most competitive prices available.  We have numerous long term supply contracts in place and are selectively adding more locations regularly to increase the available supply points via rail and transport.  This wide selection of pick up points ensures dependable, long-term supply.

We offer up to the minute market information, which relate to immediate savings and higher profits to your business. By representing numerous customers to the producers, we enable the individual customer to participate in very competitive pricing that results from high volume purchasing.  Also, we offer pre-buy, storage programs, and risk management hedging services.

All of these services allow our customers to focus on the operation of their individual business while enjoying the benefits of timely high volume purchasing by Sacramento Energy Resources, which benefits everyone.