Myron Kinman - Terminal Manager

Allen Fields - Terminal Operator

Ed Gidak - Terminal Operator

Office: 817-441-6568

Loco Hills GSF

12705 Lovington Highway, Loco Hills, NM 88255


Loco Hills GSF is a state of the art propane and butane storage facility located in Loco Hills, New Mexico on Hwy 82 between Artesia and Lovington, NM.  Customers of Sacramento Energy Resources are able to store product during timely market conditions and to secure physical product during times of short supply.  

Located in southeastern New Mexico it is perfectly positioned to be supplied from five plants and rail.  Via transport, product can easily reach throughout New Mexico, eastward to Texas, south to Mexico, west to Arizona.  

Since 1949, Loco Hills GSF has been a reliable supply of propane and butane for the southwestern part of the country.